Zentangle-inspired ATC that I have swapped

Sorry for the hiatus all, the whole holiday season just took over! Here is a Zentangle-inspired ATC that I made for a swap. I don’t typically make ATCs but the person I was swapping with enjoyed them.


Here is a (not so great) pic of Platonic, a piece that is currently in a show at the Wesley Senior Health Center in Saratoga Springs, NY.


I like the variety of shades in this piece, even though there isn’t really any shading going on. Just the combination of dark and light with the different pen strokes seems pleasing the the eye.


This is the Zentangle that started it all! I drew it with a fine tip Sharpie, which bled of course. But from this moment on, I was in love!

zentangles 21-27

Sorry about having to click on the pdf. link above, I am in process of going from a Mac (much more experienced at) than this HP laptop.  To top it off… the pdf. is upside down.  Anyway!  I am starting to experiment with the more difficult patterns and am branching out to include different strings. I often use http://www.TanglePatterns.com as a resource for both patterns and string ideas.