Prismacolor colored pencils on Canson Mixed Media paper, 5×7

This is a commission, photographer provided by customer.

Inktober Day 15 – 18

Day 15 – outpost
Day 16 – rocket
Day 17 – storm
Day 18 – trap

Day 41: Bluebird

Finished up this guy today. Inked him first and then added Windsor and Newton watercolor. Finishing the bird using Arteza brush pens.

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Day 26 – Apple

As the sun went down today I quickly sketched this apple, applying color with washes from the Arteza watercolor brush pens. I finally put the pens to bed when daylight was gone, refusing to turn on the kitchen light, afraid it might ruin what I’ve already created under the watchful eye of the Sun.


Day 25: Nail polish

Arteza brush pens and Sakura Micron ink pen

A little process video as I continue exploring watercolor and these brush pens (which I’m growing quite fond of).

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