Winsor and Newton Watercolor on Canson Watercolor paper 8×10


Fiddling around a bit on some scrap paper, making some bookmarks, letting myself explore.

Completed Portrait

Windsor and Newton watercolors, Arteza brush pens, Strathmore cold press paper


Tomato study
Old sketch of cat, added background (work in progress)

Mixing the two

Micron ink pens and Windsor and Newton watercolor pans. I really enjoyed this combination.

Missing the beach

Working on the second of three postcards for Project: Postcard with the Albany County Historical Association.

Sunny Day

Spent the bulk of the day finding shade and painting today! I am really enjoying allowing the watercolors to work their magic. Where I am typically tighter in my drawing style when using ink pens and then watercolor over the top, I find using just watercolor and brush allows me to be more gestural and simplistic. It’s like a breath of fresh air, a relief (sigh).


Took a little while to finish this postcard/small painting with all of the intricate details in the ink work. But alas, it is finished and available in my Etsy shop.

Day 53: Sunset

I am really enjoying the experimentation process of watercolor lately. You can find this postcard in my Etsy shop!

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