Completed Portrait

Windsor and Newton watercolors, Arteza brush pens, Strathmore cold press paper

Bear the Cat

The most loyal cat in the world. Seriously the coolest feline. #catsrule #petportrait

Bear Cat

Windsor and Newton watercolor pans and Arteza watercolor brush pens on Strathmore cold press paper

Sunny Day

Spent the bulk of the day finding shade and painting today! I am really enjoying allowing the watercolors to work their magic. Where I am typically tighter in my drawing style when using ink pens and then watercolor over the top, I find using just watercolor and brush allows me to be more gestural and simplistic. It’s like a breath of fresh air, a relief (sigh).


This was a two day painting created with Windsor & Newton watercolor pans and Arteza watercolor brush pens. I really enjoyed creating this lemon. Follow me Instagram @eggleston_art

Commission in Progress

Finally making progress with a commissioned painting of two chickens. Acrylics on cold press #140. #chickenpainting #acrylic #animalart

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Day 14-Camping


Playing catch-up on the challenges… #sick #artmustgoon


As part of the Doodlewash June challenge, here is Day 1- Sunshine



Flower Power

#100dayproject #watercolorpencils #littleart #coloryourworld


The beginning of something new… #100daysofart #fillmyworldwithcolor #arteveryday