House Pouch (another side of me)

house pouch 2

house pouch 3

house pouch 4

house pouch 5House Pouch (another side of me)

Here is a fabric house pouch that I sewed for a swap that I hosted on That’s right, yet another craft or form of art that I love (and can’t find much time to do). I don’t host swaps that often anymore, but used to host a ton of quilting and sewing swaps. I stopped doing so because the quality of sewing I received in return wasn’t so hot, and a lot of people weren’t into the sewing ones anymore. So after a couple of years I figured what the heck I’d host again. This is the one that I just sent my partner yesterday. The one that I received in the mail? Yep, that same quality that I remembered from a couple of years ago. Live and learn I guess. I WON’T be hosting another anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love, but lately it’s become a lot of simply trading pre-made $$ store items, supplies, or paper-made artsy stuff like ATC’s (which I’m not really that into unless they are hand-drawn or zentangle). I hope that my partner likes this one!


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