Portrait Drawing CHALLENGE

Here are some drawings done in pencil.  The baby is one of my sons when he was about 4 months old.  I couldn’t quite get his hand and fingers right.  They look like the legs of a crustacean to me!

portraits 3-22-15

The other drawing is of my dad in a more sketchy looser style.  Of course in this drawing he looks like a cross between my dad and my uncle.

The other drawing is from my sons’ first October.  We were at the park and rolling around in the leaves.  I love this photo (not shown), but here is the drawing.

portrait 3-22-15

Pencil Portraits 6 and 7 in Challenge

portrait series 6 and 7

Here are my most recent portraits done in pencil in the same sketchbook (on unknown folio paper).  The drawing to the left was my attempt at drawing a moving portrait as my son would just not sit still.  His hand is crude as you can see.  I basically gave up on this one and did no pursue it further.  The drawing on the right is of my niece Elyse when she was a year old.  I drew it from a photograph and in a harder pencil than the one on the left.  The ears tripped me up a bit in this, and although the photograph here is not seen, her face is a big longer that the way I drew it.  Otherwise I think it is a pretty good likeness!

As you can tell, I do not have time to do a drawing a day!  My twins take a lot of my time, but I’m still trying to complete at least one or two drawings per week.  I think if I could simply settle on the idea of actually “sketching” (you know, quickly) then I would get more done.  My works are so tightly drawn that I feel as though I sometimes find myself focusing too much on accuracy and the fun and ability to be whimsical escapes me.


Portrait Challenge #4 Ink Portrait

Here is another attempt a portrait.  This is my older step-daughter, now in the military, on the day of her high school graduation (no idea who the guys is).  I really have trouble with mouths and teeth, it’s quite evident!  The thing about working with ink is once the line is down, there’s no erasing it, so you’re stuck.  I should probably work more in pencil to start, something slightly more forgiving, even if I consciously try not to erase.  My boys make it difficult to practice these drawings lately like I originally wanted to.  Never the less I’m trying!  Ultimately I’d like to be able to start rendering in colored pencil.

mykala portrait 2-20-15

What the New Year Will Bring

For those of you who might follow this blog, you’ll notice that it has been revamped a little.  The focus of this blog will be a little more about my art in general, not a specific type of art, and more about everything that I dabble in.  You’ll see art that I create with my kids, too, because they are my life.

In addition I would like to kick off the new year with a challenge.  I myself need to work on portraits and have been wanting to do so for some time.  So I will be launching an art challenge:  365 Portraits.  One a day for the year (and yes, I know that we are already a month into the year).  I urge you to participate as well by creating a portrait a day in any medium and style you choose.  Please feel free to comment and link your own image or website.

Happy New Year!

Paper dress

This dress was created for a local art show about the history of the building, now turned into artist studios, but once a shirt factory.  My grandmother worked in this building a long time ago, so it holds some special meaning to me.  I chose recycled materials, and created this dress out of brown packing paper and newspaper.  The dress was created on a very old dress form that my grandmother found at a garage sale.  This is currently on exhibit at The Shirt Factory Gallery until September 27, 2014.

paper dress

For whatever reason, I cannot find pictures of the dress that I took before bringing it to the gallery, of course.  If I find them I will post them.  This is the picture at the gallery, which doesn’t show a whole lot of detail.