Portraits… of the furry kind

Just thought I would share some of the portraits that I have done in the past.  I’ve gotten some crazy requests actually, hence the new header image of Bella, a custom portrait done for a friend of mine’s previous employer.

bella dog cp

I’ve also done another of Chase for a friend at a local gallery.  I have to say that this is by far my favorite.

candice dog cp

Then there is Grace, another custom portrait done in the realist style.  All of these portraits are done in Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore Bristole board.  I think I enjoy doing the zany ones a bit more than the realistic, only because there is more freedom with color and design.  (p.s. I also do cats)

gracie portrait cp

Bicycle Sketch

bicycle sketch

Here is the latest, sorry for the hiatus, things have been busy around here and I spend most of my days outside with my boys.  This is a sketch done with Micron ink black #5 pen in my Moleskin sketchbook.  It’s of a bicycle I picked up on the side of the road for free which the boys argue over.  It has no pedals, and they can barely reach the ground, but it’s still favored.  I can see the obvious mistakes, but the fact that I even got ten minutes without interruption to sketch is a miracle, so I’ll take it.  I may finish it out by adding more cinder blocks (which edge our garden) and maybe something in the background.  Unsure yet.  Enjoy!

Still Life Sketch

drawing sketch 1

So if you want to get technical, this COULD qualify for part of my 365 portraits challenge to myself.  (It could, honest!).  This is really a still life though of my sketchbook on top of a fitness magazine with the box of markers to the right and an empty bowl to the left, all on top of our outdoor patio table.  It was breezy and cool the other day, but my boys just kept begging to go outside.  The sun was shining and they were occupied for the most part, so who am I to say no.

After finishing this, my one son decided to draw repeating “egg” shapes on the opposite page.  I of course was covering up this sketch with my hands while he played.  I’m sure if I turned my head even for a few seconds, this sketch too would be adorned with purple “egg” shapes.

Portrait Drawing CHALLENGE

Here are some drawings done in pencil.  The baby is one of my sons when he was about 4 months old.  I couldn’t quite get his hand and fingers right.  They look like the legs of a crustacean to me!

portraits 3-22-15

The other drawing is of my dad in a more sketchy looser style.  Of course in this drawing he looks like a cross between my dad and my uncle.

The other drawing is from my sons’ first October.  We were at the park and rolling around in the leaves.  I love this photo (not shown), but here is the drawing.

portrait 3-22-15

Pencil Portraits 6 and 7 in Challenge

portrait series 6 and 7

Here are my most recent portraits done in pencil in the same sketchbook (on unknown folio paper).  The drawing to the left was my attempt at drawing a moving portrait as my son would just not sit still.  His hand is crude as you can see.  I basically gave up on this one and did no pursue it further.  The drawing on the right is of my niece Elyse when she was a year old.  I drew it from a photograph and in a harder pencil than the one on the left.  The ears tripped me up a bit in this, and although the photograph here is not seen, her face is a big longer that the way I drew it.  Otherwise I think it is a pretty good likeness!

As you can tell, I do not have time to do a drawing a day!  My twins take a lot of my time, but I’m still trying to complete at least one or two drawings per week.  I think if I could simply settle on the idea of actually “sketching” (you know, quickly) then I would get more done.  My works are so tightly drawn that I feel as though I sometimes find myself focusing too much on accuracy and the fun and ability to be whimsical escapes me.


Portrait Challenge #4 Ink Portrait

Here is another attempt a portrait.  This is my older step-daughter, now in the military, on the day of her high school graduation (no idea who the guys is).  I really have trouble with mouths and teeth, it’s quite evident!  The thing about working with ink is once the line is down, there’s no erasing it, so you’re stuck.  I should probably work more in pencil to start, something slightly more forgiving, even if I consciously try not to erase.  My boys make it difficult to practice these drawings lately like I originally wanted to.  Never the less I’m trying!  Ultimately I’d like to be able to start rendering in colored pencil.

mykala portrait 2-20-15

Third Sketch in Portrait Series/Challenge

portrait 2:16:15

Here is Day 3, or the third sketch in my portrait series.  This is drawn from a photograph of my son, Easton, when he was 3 months old.  I used Micron black ink pens on some unknown paper I made a sketchbook from forever ago!