Portrait Challenge #4 Ink Portrait

Here is another attempt a portrait.  This is my older step-daughter, now in the military, on the day of her high school graduation (no idea who the guys is).  I really have trouble with mouths and teeth, it’s quite evident!  The thing about working with ink is once the line is down, there’s no erasing it, so you’re stuck.  I should probably work more in pencil to start, something slightly more forgiving, even if I consciously try not to erase.  My boys make it difficult to practice these drawings lately like I originally wanted to.  Never the less I’m trying!  Ultimately I’d like to be able to start rendering in colored pencil.

mykala portrait 2-20-15

What the New Year Will Bring

For those of you who might follow this blog, you’ll notice that it has been revamped a little.  The focus of this blog will be a little more about my art in general, not a specific type of art, and more about everything that I dabble in.  You’ll see art that I create with my kids, too, because they are my life.

In addition I would like to kick off the new year with a challenge.  I myself need to work on portraits and have been wanting to do so for some time.  So I will be launching an art challenge:  365 Portraits.  One a day for the year (and yes, I know that we are already a month into the year).  I urge you to participate as well by creating a portrait a day in any medium and style you choose.  Please feel free to comment and link your own image or website.

Happy New Year!

Paper dress

This dress was created for a local art show about the history of the building, now turned into artist studios, but once a shirt factory.  My grandmother worked in this building a long time ago, so it holds some special meaning to me.  I chose recycled materials, and created this dress out of brown packing paper and newspaper.  The dress was created on a very old dress form that my grandmother found at a garage sale.  This is currently on exhibit at The Shirt Factory Gallery until September 27, 2014.

paper dress

For whatever reason, I cannot find pictures of the dress that I took before bringing it to the gallery, of course.  If I find them I will post them.  This is the picture at the gallery, which doesn’t show a whole lot of detail.

Custom drawing of a Jack Russell


Sorry for the dark picture guys.  I didn’t do a scan of this one, just took a photograph.  I have a better photograph to load from my Nikon camera, promise.  This was done with black Micron pens on Bristol board.  It’s hard to see here, but there are whites in the eye to show light.  This was done for a customer who found me on the internet (somehow!).  5×7.

Cow with Corn Painting

Earlier I posted the drawing for this painting, and now, here is the painting! This was done as a custom order and a trade with a friend. She wanted the colors of the sky, fence, and grass to be those of a painting from a Paint and Sip type of class project that she couldn’t attend. She added the corn and the cow. This is 11×14 in acrylics.amy's finished cow